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Funding is the fuel that powers businesses and organizations, helping them to maximise their value and growth potential.
No matter if it comes to starting or expanding a business, acquiring new assets or making a company's finance more manageable, funding is a key prerequisite for ensuring viability and continuity. Finding the right funding or financing requires careful planning, extensive networking and informed decision making. In Merit, we translate our clients' aspirations into reality by choosing spot-on financing mehcanism(s) and turning the often overwhelming process of funding acquisition into a rewarding process.

We Provide

Funding Observatory & Advisory

Enterprises from EU member states can leverage a wide range of funding opportunities in order to grow their business, invest in R&D or fend off the competition. Finding the right funding opportunity can be often an overwhelming and complicated process.

By understanding our clients' needs and aspirations, we navigatea wide range of funding opportunities and find the right fit to maximize our clients' winning potential.

Our funding advisory services are:

  • Business profile evaluation from a funding perspective
  • Funding sources identification, prioritization and funding "gameplan" development
  • Development of funding portfolio, funding programs fiches and factsheets
  • Continuous call monitoring and walkthrough until opening
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National Funding

National subsidy programs aim at increasing investments and expanding the size of companies and organizations, promoting cutting edge-technologies and innovation, enhancing the digital reform in public administration and promoting decarbonization.

We provide advisory services targeted at every interested parties, businesses and organizations across the public and private sectors regarding the currently running and expected national subsidy programs.

Our national, funding services are:

  • Investment project evaluation and advisory
  • Identification of approrpiate funding program (e.g. ESPA 2021-2027, Development Law) and strategic funding advice
  • Design and curation of appropriate investment plan
  • Preparation of feasibility study tailored to targeted subsidy program
  • Continuous advisory on future business needs
  • Management of all stages of investment plan implementation until grant payment
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EU Funding

The EU has formulated financial instruments for the implementation of its core policies, ranging from the implementation of the European Green Deal to establishing a fair and competitive digital economy.

We leverage our extensive experience in EU funded projects to provide comprehensive advisory services to any entity wishing to tap into the EU funded opportunities.

Our EU funding services are:

  • Identification of funding needs
  • Identification of active and forthcoming funding opportunities within the whole spectrum of funding instruments (e.g. Horizon Europe, Interreg, Erasmus+, etc.)
  • Preparation of feasiblity studies for ensuring viable project implementation
  • Development of concept and consortium synthesis and network development
  • Development of project action plan, budget and time plan
  • Preparation and evaluation of project proposal
  • Project management, negotiation and contracting
  • Continuous monitoring and management throughout project implementation
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EU Financing

Contrary to the EU grants and subsidies, the EU financing programmes are often channelled through financial intermediaries, such as banks or venture capital organizations.

Raising such finance for businesses includes several steps and can be rather daunting. We provide comprehensive step-wise guidance and brokerage services for raising finance to boost existing companies and start-ups ensuring profitable growth for our clients.

Our EU financing services are:

  • Evalutation of companies' requirements and growth potential
  • Strategy and business plan development and assessment
  • Identification of appropriate equity (e.g. business angels, venture capitals, strategic investors) or debt (e.g. loans, guarantees) financing instruments
  • Mapping of potential investors
  • Preparation of investment memo
  • Mediation and assistance during negotations
  • Support services during the due diligence process
  • Management of debt application process
  • Maintaining liaison with investors and/or lenders
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