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Property Development

Property development is a complex process and involves many risks and opportunities which must be early fully identified and properly managed throughout the whole life cycle of each project while securing an effective and efficient outcome for the investors.
We recognise the many components that may be needed for a successful property development and we help our customers (public and private entities or individuals) to organize and coordinate the entire process, by providing a full spectrum of services for their right decision in each stage while covering all of their needs; from early site identification, design and planning, project finance, permits, project management and completion.

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The idea of development is not as simple as it seems. Any project requires extensive preparation in different fields such as legal, finance, design and planning.

Our pre-development services are:

  • Market analysis
  • Budget & feasibility studies
  • Site identification
  • Legal and technical assessment
  • Conceptual design and plans
  • Due dilligence (technical and financial)
  • Property acquisition
  • Development and building plans
  • Permits
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Project Finance

Project finance helps finance new investment by structuring the financing around the project's own operating cash flow and assets, without additional sponsor guarantees.

It is mostly needed in long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public property development projects.

Our project finance services are:

  • Project identification
  • Project funding requirements
  • Risk identification and minimization
  • Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Right investor search and identification
  • Arrangement of equity / debt / loan
  • Negotiations
  • Documentation and monitoring
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Acquiring the necessary permits is perceived to be one of the most significant and sometimes difficult steps in any kind of a property development project.

The investor has to deal with the complexities of regulations and this procedure may last more than it is predicted due to unexpected barriers which may raise even the total cost of the investment.

We recognise the importance of this step and we work together with our customers to understand the critical characteristics of each project and to effectively and efficiently manage the permit procedure until its on-time successful completion and according to the timeplan which has been communicated to the customer at the beggining of our collaboration.

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Management & Completion

At the start of each project, we work together with our customers to decide which project framework shall be used. The project framework includes the procedure and communication model, the organizational structure and the relevant project tools and techniques.

Our project management services are:

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Capital Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project schedule monitoring
  • Quality management and control
  • Contingency Planning and execution
  • Allocation, coordination and monitoring of resources
  • Contracts management
  • Procurement management
  • Progress reporting
  • Project completion
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