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In our rapidly changing society,
future business success is dependent on innovation.
Innovation helps companies and organisations to grow effectively and plays a critical role in terms of competition, sustainability and job creation. We support public and private entities, SMEs, start ups, large companies and organisations, to seek, identify and adopt innovation (services, products and processes) in their core business environment.

We also help our clients to design, establish and operate start-ups while supporting their scaling up activities through our well structured innovation consulting methodology and tools.

We Provide

Innovation Management

From ideation to effective implementation, innovation management includes the handling of all activities needed to introduce a new product, business model or workflow within an organization.

Above all, innovation management is a process through which a company can promote innovative activities and enhance its innovative culture.

Our Innovation Management services include:

  • Company specific trends
  • Disruptive Ideas' Assessment and Coaching
  • New Business Models' Development
  • Analysis of key performance indicators in innovation management
  • Organizational and Operational mentoring and coaching
  • Planning of partnership models and ecosystems
  • Innovation pipelines' optimization and priortization
  • Training sessions' preparation and deployment
  • Networking and expansion
  • Planning and actions to increase innovation output
  • Establishment of collaborations at targeted stages of the innovation process
  • Business rethinking, process re-engineering and company restructuration
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Open Innovation

Functional Strategy involves the development of strategic plans and roadmaps for organisational functions, which can range from sales & marketing to finance, HR, supply chain, R&D or procurement.

Our functional strategy services are:

  • Design of the organizational structures and corporate governance
  • Assessment of organizational competitiveness
  • Development of financial strategy
  • Development of production strategy
  • Development of human resources strategy
  • Development of research and development strategy
  • Development of technologies strategy
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Start-ups & Commercialisation

Start-ups, unlike other types of companies, are often formed around an unestablished, "open-to-debate" proposition or concept.

What ultimately distinguishes them from other businesses, is that once they succeed, they introduce innovative products and services previously unthought of, thus creating new world perspectives. The visionary and magical concepts of startups, however, often do not resonate with actual market needs, hence their low success rate. From ideation to impact, companies need to get doses of reality checks to make their concept work and grow.

Our start-up, scaling-up and commercialization services include:

  • Disruptive Ideas' Assessment
  • Identification of futureproof business opportunities
  • Market analysis, customer profiling and business positioning
  • Competitive analysis, operations and management plan
  • Financial plan and business model
  • Hands-on training and coaching
  • Assessment and maximization of Intellectual Property value
  • Networking and expansion
  • Action plan, time plan and growth acceleration roadmap
  • HR assessment
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Innovation Funding

To fuel its innovative activities, a company can attain funding through several channels. More often than not, a combination of funding and financing mechanisms are preferred.

The type of funding / financing needed, is a function of the business type, its current status, and the direction towards it is headed to grow.

Our Innovation funding services include:

  • Identification of funding needs
  • Identification of funding environments and targeted funding opportunities and priority calls (European and National initiatives)
  • Development of concept and consortium synthesis
  • Budget preparation and investment plan development
  • Development of project action plan and time plan
  • Preparation of project proposal
  • Financial modelling
  • Investors' search
  • Analysis of financial instruments (e.g. EIC Accelarator, Horizon Europe - European Innovation Ecosystems, etc.)
  • Analysis of financial instruments (e.g. EIC Accelarator, Horizon Europe - European Innovation Ecosystems, etc.)
  • Provision of support during the due dilligence stage
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