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The EU has worked on many fronts towards a greener and more sustainable environment.
Within this context, innovation alongside environmental protection can promote the development of new businesses, open new vacancies and trigger further investments. We empower clients along the whole spectrum of public and private sphere, from governements and public organizations to SMEs, corporations and start-ups, by providing advisory services on sustainable development, climate change, energy transition, zero-carbon economies, and social and environmental governance.

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Environmental Policy

Optimal environmental protection is based on three pillars: precaution, prevention and reduction of the energy footprint. We help companies, governments, regional and local authorities to strengthen their environmental management capacity, reduce their environmental footprint and develop inclusive growth strategies for environmentally sustainable development.

Our environmental policy services are:

  • Environmental legislation monitoring
  • Identification of specific organisational goals and objectives
  • Policy and legislative recommendations
  • Recommendations during the design and operation of various facilities and infrastructure
  • Provision of stategies and roadmaps for sustainable transportation and convergence of the energy and mobility sectors (e.g. e-mobility, low carbon smart grids)
  • Socio-economic and environmental impact for sustainable and smart cities
  • Institutional capacity building and strengthening in the context of sustainability
  • Provision of guidelines to human resources for the implementation of enironmentally friendly procedures
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Energy Efficiency & Side Management

Energy efficiency is one of the EU Energy and Climate policy cornerstones playing a crucial role in delivering the 2030 and 2050 energy and climate change mitigation targets. We help organizations to fully exploit their energy (and cost) saving potential without comrpomising their comfort or operational capacity and work towards removing market barriers and alleviating market failures that might hinder energy use and efficiency of energy supply.

Our energy efficiency services are:

  • Energy efficiency assessment and evaluation
  • Energy management (auditing and retrofitting services)
  • Energy managament systems' implementation (e.g. Demand - Response, Flexibility)
  • Identification, set up and monitoring of energy efficiency programs for utilities and governments
  • Analysis, mainstreaming and development of business models targeting
  • Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management
  • Development of context-aware, user behavioral models
  • Feasibility studies
  • Energy management training
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Waste Management

Minimizing pollution and redefining the value of materials by harnessing what was previously thought of as waste, brings significant long-term benefits to the environment and our communities. We promote sustainable development through effective managament of resources and waste valorisation, and help organizations rethink the use of scarce resouces and redefine the products' life-cycles.

Our waste management services are:

  • Environmental and Circular Economy Strategy
  • Environmental licensing / permit & documentation
  • Environmental Impact & Assessment
  • Innovation recommendations
  • Exploration and facilitation for technologies to reduce waste, increase recycling and reuse
  • Studies & facilitation for safer treatment and disposal options
  • Strategic planning for waste facilities
  • Operational supports (e.g. regulatory liaison, monitoring of compliance)
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Sustainability Projects Funding

Environemtally sustainable operations such as, reducing the carbon footprint, creating circular business models, reusing and recycling of products and greening supply chains, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, amongst others, can be rather costly and sometimes even technologically immature. Funding and financing offer a lifeline to climate friendly investments, paving the way for businesses to finance their transformation and become both environmentally and financially sustainable.

Our sustainability projects funding services are:

  • Identifying national and EU funding applications (e.g. LIFE, Innovation Fund)
  • Innovation assessment and evaluation
  • Technical readiness level assessment and alignment with each initiative's scope and objectives
  • Cost benefit analysis and optimization
  • Budget preparation and investment plan development
  • Analysis of financial instruments and design of appropriate funding / financing mix
  • Project proposal preparation and submission
  • Contract negotation
  • Project management
  • Budget and resources allocation and management
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