Awarding of PVadapt project

Published on June 8, 2018

We are proud to announce that Merit Consulting House will be the coordinator in PVadapt project. Pvadapt is a new project, funded by the HORIZON 2020 instrument (Innovation Action), which got awarded a few days ago.

In the PVadapt project, combined innovations in modular construction and modular photovoltaics will lead to the creation of an adaptable and multifunctional BIPV system of substantially lower cost than conventional solutions. A flexible and low cost production of photovoltaics in automated processes will be employed to produce PV modules as well as elements with integrated heat pipe based heat recovery. These active energy components will be combined with passive and sustainable components with structural, mechanical, thermal and other functions to produce prefabricated BIPV modules. Prefabrication will be the key to achieving cost reductions, as well as guaranteeing quick installation with low disruption. To convincingly demonstrate the PVadapt solutions, 7 buildings of various typologies (residential, commercial, offices, and service stations in Spain, Greece and Austria) will have the technology installed and one new construction will be built in Portugal.

The project, which will last for three and a half years (1/10/2018 – 30/3/2022) and has a budget of 11 million €, is being carried by a consortium of 18 partners from 12 different EU countries, with Merit Consulting House being the coordination beneficiary. We are excited to have such a major role in the project and ready to work hard in order to produce high quality results.

See you in the kick-off meeting!

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